Wednesday, 22 June 2016

My day at soccer.

On Tuesday  we went to play soccer. We went by the  van. I was excited to go there .
I saw Lionel’s class and  many other schools. I didn’t play because I hurt my leg . Our team played with  Pakuranga  College . My friend Amy was in that team. Next game was with Howick College. Our  team lost the game. Last game was with Mt Roskill. Our team won the game. There were sausage sizzle and coffee in the van.  It was a windy  and a little bit wet day . I had fun.


  1. Excellent write up of the soccer tournament Julia, well done. Thanks for supporting us even though you couldn't play.

  2. Hi Julia
    We did some soccer at Macleans College.
    How is your leg now?
    By Nikhil

  3. hi julia
    isyour leg beher now?

  4. hi Julia Is your leg better now?