Thursday, 7 December 2017

Grandpa's cooking

 Grandpa’s cooking
This is a  story is about Ella, Mum and Grandpa.
Ella loves it when Grandpa visits because he tells great stories and makes the best chicken.
He comes to visit once a month. Mum tries to make the chicken but it is not as good.  So Grandpa  shows to Ella how to make it.

Friday, 10 November 2017

Our Film Festival

On  Wendnesday the 8th of November, we went to  the Film Festival .  Me and Joel went in Khunaf’s  car.  First, we  had to sit and wait.  I saw my friends  Natasha ,  Ana , Katy , Vicky , Allan , Masino ,  Lauren , Katy , Josph and Adan. I enjoyed chating with my friends. The movies were great, I liked ours but also the Futsal movie.

We had morning tea at the food court and were treated with  frozen drinks for being so well behaved.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

My articles about Mumps

Mumps outbreak: Health authorities urge free vaccine catch-ups

This is about a lot of people who have mumps. People did not have mumps vaccine, so they are all getting mumps.  This happened early in September 2017.

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

My trip to Japan

During  my  October  holiday I went  to Japan with my mum , dad and brother.  We first  went to the Airport. I was wearing an Ariana Grande t-shirt  and a pair of jeans.  My brother kept me busy by showing me some tricks.  We waited for our plane to come.  We   had something to eat.  Then  we went inside the aeroplane. I was watching  The Big Bang Theory  and I was  listening to  Charlie Puth.  In  Japan we went to the wax museum. My mum took  a  photo  of  me and  Justin Biber and Michael  Jackson. I also saw a wax statue of Tom Cruse who was on a bike. We rode on a bullit train  in Japan. It went  very fast.  I had a great  time.          


Friday, 22 September 2017

Our Trip to Te Oro

On Thursday 21st  our class went to Te Oro  I rode in  Val’s  car .  Me and Kyi-Kyaw . were doing Art with Linda  I was painting Ariana Grande .  Some of my paitings were on the  walls.  I was so excited  to see my best friends , Masino  who  sat with me doing  Art  with us.  I saw Keenan.  I saw one of my drawings.  at   GIen Iness.  I was chating to  Masino.  I saw one of my best teacher  Linda and Rajana.   I had so much  fun doing art with Linda. 20170921_101538.jpg

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Basketball tourlment

On  Thursday 14th  Septemeber,   we went to the ASB Stadium to play basket ball.  I was in the  Stormers team.  My team mates were Mina, Nikhill, Ethan , Braydon and Willam.  I travelled in  Val’s car  with  Kyi-Kyaw and Matthew.  We  had  Morning  Tea  and Lunch at the stadium.  I saw  My friends Lauren, Natasha,  Allan,  Vicky, Troy, Dillan, Keenan  and  Maciano from Base.  I was talking to my best friends. Everybody  was cheering "Go Maciano, go Moncia "   I did  well at  shooting goals and my teacher said I was a good team member.  My  team came  second. I was very tired when I got back to school but had a lovely day.

20170914_104105.jpg 20170914_105230.jpg

Friday, 18 August 2017

My dancing

Yesterday we had dancing with Sarah.  We did desparcito By Justin Biber. Meghan Trainor ‘Better when I’m Dancing. I feel Happy because I like dancing  girls is doing Spainsh  moves.  Then we watched the boys dancing.  

IMG_6378.JPG  IMG_6187.JPG

I love music

Thursday, 10 August 2017

My Story Created on Pixar Pitch

our fun sports

Doing   PE with Edgewater year 13  

On  Monday we did PE with the year 13  they were training to teach us  how to  do sports. We all  went to the gym.  We were in two groups. Some  of the activity we  were   doing duck duck goose.  Basket ball,  soccer, Obstical course, Tagging. and simon says.  My favourite game  was  duck duck Goose.  tagging was hard to play.  I am  looking forword to  do some PE  again with them .


Friday, 28 July 2017

Awsome fun Holiday

I went to the movies with my best friend Aimee. We went to watched Despicable me 3.  It was  very  funny. After that  we have Mc Donalds.  I had chicken nuggets and coke with my friend  Aimee. My Mum and I went to Zumba.  I did  some spelling.  I played  Bingo  on my tablet.  I spend my time dancing. I do  some copying my lyrics.  I watched  The Big Bang Theory, Masterchef.  I spend my time doing Zumba and play Bingo.
Best Zumba Shoes for Women - 2016 Edition | Zumba is a Latin… | Flickr   Despicable Me Minion Mayhem | Despicable Me Minion MayhemUni… | Flickr

Friday, 7 July 2017

Our trip to ticker-tape parade.

On  Thursday 6th of July, our  class went to the Amercia’s Cup  tickertape parade. We saw the dancing, airport band, Police cars and  motorbikes. My favourite part was the airport band. The weather was raining and sunny. I saw  Peter Burling. I was soaking wet.   I felt both happy and nervous that I met Peter Burling. I was waiting for long time. I was holding my  New Zealand  flag.  I really enjoyed it.


Thursday, 29 June 2017

Our Football Games

On Monday 26th  June,  we went to Macleans  College to play our football games.  We played with other schools. I was trying to get the ball.  I was in the Eagles  team  with  Matthew, Thiha, Joel, Jordan, Angus and myself. We played  Pakuranga  College. I saw  my  friend  Amy.  I was a  goal keeper. We also played  Howick College. My favourite part is  to kick the ball.  There was  Edgewater 1, Edgewater 2 and Edgewater 3. The weather was sunny and raining.  Next time I would like to score more goals.
IMG_6983.JPG   IMG_6986.JPGIMG_7030.JPG

Friday, 16 June 2017

Using New Zealand Money.

We have been learning to recognise New Zealand money and using it to purchase items at the shop. We compared the prices that we guessed and the actual cost. 
Here is our  spreadsheet.


Thursday, 11 May 2017

My first boat ride

On  Tuesday our class went to  Maritime Museum .

We went on the Auckland Harbour  Cruise. I felt a bit nervous. I did not like  the bumpy ride. The  weather  was sunny. We saw the sky tower and long building. Inside the Museum  Thiha , Matthew, Joel and I played with a sailing boat. I saw  the Amercia's Cup  inside the Museum. Thiha and I went inside the boat to sit on comfortable chairs.       IMG_0517.JPGIMG_4379.JPGIMG_0544.JPGIMG_4352.JPG

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

my fun Easter holiday

On Monday 17 April, we went to Gilmore’s to buy some food. My little brother, Mum, Dad  and I all went to buy some whipped cream, rice and steak.

On Wednesday 26  April, I went to Ruby’s birthday party at Butterfly Creek with Mina and Shelley.  We saw lots of  butterflys, fish, dinosaur  and a cute bunny. I also saw , some mice, lambs and some chickens fighting.  Then we went on the train ride.  I was sitting beside Shelley. Mina was sitting  with Ruby.  Then  they dropped me at the Panmure bowling alley.  

On Friday 16 April, my family and I went to Pakuranga Plaza for our lunch.  My Dad took a photo of me and the Easter bunny.

File:Chocolate-Easter-Bunny.jpg - Wikimedia Commons      On Monday 17 April, we went to Gilmore’s to buy some food.  My little brother, Mum, Dad  and I, we all went to buy some whipped cream, rice and steak.

On Wendesday 26  April,   I went to Ruby’s birthday party  at   Butterfly Creek with Mina ,and  Shelley.  We saw lots of  butterflys , fishes , dinosaur  and a cute bunny. I also  saw , some mice , lambs and some chicken fighting.  Then we went on the train ride.  I was sitting beside Shelley. Mina was sitting  with Ruby.  Then  they dropped me at the Panmure bowling alley.  

On Friday 16 April, My family and I went to Pakuranga Plaza for our lunch  then my Dad  take a photo of the Easter bunny.

File:Chocolate-Easter-Bunny.jpg - Wikimedia Commons      Sock Monkey 1st Birthday Party | This Sock Monkey 1st birthd… | Flickr

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Our performace

On Wednesday our class went to Te Oro in Glen Innes. So our performance. about Rivers of Tamaki.

we saw my friends
Lauren, Katy, Ana, Natasha, Masiono, Josph, Vicky. Then I went go home with my dad. Because I went for my teeth.  Then my dad bought me a  chese burger, coke. And a sunday. then we went home. I watched Big Bang Theory with my brother. Then my dad was sending me to Zumba class. After  me and my mum went to New World to buy a Easter eggs for my neigbour.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Athletics Sports Day

On Thursday our class went to Special Olympics Athletics. I saw my best friends Amy, Marciono, Allan, Vicky.  My dad was there to cheer me running. I did mini javelin , 200m, 100m and the 100m relay. We met the Warriors and it was Shaun Johnson. We have our morning tea and lunch.  I came 4th running. We went on the bus.  I was sitting with Kyi - Kyaw on the bus.


Friday, 24 March 2017

Our Edgewater Athletics sports Day

On Wednesday  22nd March   we went to Edgewater College  Athletics Day  with  our class, Edgewater 2 , Edgewater 3.   I was  in  Jones Group  with Kyi - Kyaw,Matthew and joel.  and  myself.  First we did  long jump. I did 2 big jumps. Next we went to do Obstacle running. It Was bit hard to jump over the desk.  Then I did  throwing. The shotput was heavy.  Last item was running 400m. I felt really tired after the race. This year I Didn’t do the realey but I was in the group last year.  After lunch we watched relays and team from Sommerville group did very well. It was really an exciting day.            IMG_3290.JPGIMG_3137.JPG

Monday, 6 March 2017

My weekend news

On the weekend  me and my mum went to Zumba  class. I was  sweating on my face and my neck. I had a great fun  at Zumba. We had baked chicken for dinner. When we finished  Zumba,  we went Bowling. we with my Mum , Dad and brother. I played well  and i got a spare.  After that we went home and played basketball.. On Sunday  we watched a cricket match at Howick Domain.   We bought  subway for our pinic lunch. I felt Happy.

Free stock photo of sport, ...

I felt bit tired.Dance, Aerobics, Dancer ...

Monday, 13 February 2017

My holidays

On  Friday  We  went to the airport. We
Checked  in our  luggage  We went to
Malaysia airline  I went with my Mum, Dad. and
my brother   for our trip to Malaysia.
We  had  rice and chicken on the plane. I was sitting.
In the middle with my brother  my dad was  sitting by  himself.  We were sleeping. on the plane. I felt sick. When the plane started to drop down for landing.  
We saw lots cats at my  Mum’s.  parents house.
I had a really  great time.

Record height