Thursday, 13 April 2017

Our performace

On Wednesday our class went to Te Oro in Glen Innes. So our performance. about Rivers of Tamaki.

we saw my friends
Lauren, Katy, Ana, Natasha, Masiono, Josph, Vicky. Then I went go home with my dad. Because I went for my teeth.  Then my dad bought me a  chese burger, coke. And a sunday. then we went home. I watched Big Bang Theory with my brother. Then my dad was sending me to Zumba class. After  me and my mum went to New World to buy a Easter eggs for my neigbour.

Monday, 3 April 2017

Athletics Sports Day

On Thursday our class went to Special Olympics Athletics. I saw my best friends Amy, Marciono, Allan, Vicky.  My dad was there to cheer me running. I did mini javelin , 200m, 100m and the 100m relay. We met the Warriors and it was Shaun Johnson. We have our morning tea and lunch.  I came 4th running. We went on the bus.  I was sitting with Kyi - Kyaw on the bus.