Thursday, 29 June 2017

Our Football Games

On Monday 26th  June,  we went to Macleans  College to play our football games.  We played with other schools. I was trying to get the ball.  I was in the Eagles  team  with  Matthew, Thiha, Joel, Jordan, Angus and myself. We played  Pakuranga  College. I saw  my  friend  Amy.  I was a  goal keeper. We also played  Howick College. My favourite part is  to kick the ball.  There was  Edgewater 1, Edgewater 2 and Edgewater 3. The weather was sunny and raining.  Next time I would like to score more goals.
IMG_6983.JPG   IMG_6986.JPGIMG_7030.JPG

Friday, 16 June 2017

Using New Zealand Money.

We have been learning to recognise New Zealand money and using it to purchase items at the shop. We compared the prices that we guessed and the actual cost. 
Here is our  spreadsheet.