Friday, 18 August 2017

My dancing

Yesterday we had dancing with Sarah.  We did desparcito By Justin Biber. Meghan Trainor ‘Better when I’m Dancing. I feel Happy because I like dancing  girls is doing Spainsh  moves.  Then we watched the boys dancing.  

IMG_6378.JPG  IMG_6187.JPG

I love music

Thursday, 10 August 2017

My Story Created on Pixar Pitch

our fun sports

Doing   PE with Edgewater year 13  

On  Monday we did PE with the year 13  they were training to teach us  how to  do sports. We all  went to the gym.  We were in two groups. Some  of the activity we  were   doing duck duck goose.  Basket ball,  soccer, Obstical course, Tagging. and simon says.  My favourite game  was  duck duck Goose.  tagging was hard to play.  I am  looking forword to  do some PE  again with them .