Friday, 22 September 2017

Our Trip to Te Oro

On Thursday 21st  our class went to Te Oro  I rode in  Val’s  car .  Me and Kyi-Kyaw . were doing Art with Linda  I was painting Ariana Grande .  Some of my paitings were on the  walls.  I was so excited  to see my best friends , Masino  who  sat with me doing  Art  with us.  I saw Keenan.  I saw one of my drawings.  at   GIen Iness.  I was chating to  Masino.  I saw one of my best teacher  Linda and Rajana.   I had so much  fun doing art with Linda. 20170921_101538.jpg

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Basketball tourlment

On  Thursday 14th  Septemeber,   we went to the ASB Stadium to play basket ball.  I was in the  Stormers team.  My team mates were Mina, Nikhill, Ethan , Braydon and Willam.  I travelled in  Val’s car  with  Kyi-Kyaw and Matthew.  We  had  Morning  Tea  and Lunch at the stadium.  I saw  My friends Lauren, Natasha,  Allan,  Vicky, Troy, Dillan, Keenan  and  Maciano from Base.  I was talking to my best friends. Everybody  was cheering "Go Maciano, go Moncia "   I did  well at  shooting goals and my teacher said I was a good team member.  My  team came  second. I was very tired when I got back to school but had a lovely day.

20170914_104105.jpg 20170914_105230.jpg